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Bribery And Corruption

Bribery and Corruption

Bribery is a crime, plain and simple and breach of the anti bribery legislation is not taken lightly.

The Bribery Act 2010 has had a major impact on corporations and  commercial organisations. Your company must do all they can to ensure risks of bribery and corruption are kept to absolute minimum.  With our experience in corruption and bribery cases we are able to advise businesses on the efficacy of anti-corruption liability to “failure to prevent” bribery offences committed by employees or related persons under section 7.

The Crime and Courts Act 2013 came into force in April 2013. The Act introduced Deferred Prosecution Agreements (DPAs) which allow corporate organisations to resolve allegations of criminal activity without being prosecuted. We can assist you and provide strategic and tactical support in reaching such agreements.  We can further advise your company how to follow the six principles laid out by the Ministry of Justice in the Bribery Act 2010 and create an anti bribery and corruption policy.

Of the utmost importance in any business is an anti-bribery policy as this demonstrate a company’s commitment to prevent bribery and corrupt activities. Members of Reform Chambers are able to assist in drafting such a policy ensuring that everyone knows what to do to prevent bribery and corruption thus minimising the risk of this occurring in your business accordingly protecting your company from facing any prosecutions.  Once such a policy is in place you should tell our staff and ensure they understand the policy and monitor and review the policy regularly, which again Reform Chambers can assist your company with this.