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Queen’s Counsel 2014

Primary areas of practice

  • Homicide
  • Serious Sexual Offences
  • Fraud and Financial Crime
  • Private Prosecutions
  • Serious and Organised Crime

Legal Directories

Lisa is known for her meticulous preparation, clear advice, excellent client-handling and collaborative team approach together with her ability to swiftly assimilate large volumes of material. Lisa’s reputation for clear and incisive advocacy coupled with her strong ability to strategically master a case mean that she is excellent at instilling confidence in her clients.

Lisa has been consistently ranked as a leading Silk in Chambers and Partners since her appointment in 2014.

Lisa Wilding QC is a specialist criminal advocate who both defends and prosecutes, primarily in cases of homicide, fraud, serious drugs offences and serious sexual offences.

Since being appointed to Queen’s Counsel in 2014 Lisa a proven track record and has secured acquittals for her clients on charges including murder, attempted murder, child sexual exploitation, rape, conspiracy to import drugs, importation of drugs, child cruelty, grievous bodily harm to a baby, assault and sexual assault.

She has particular expertise in complex cases involving covert recordings, cell site evidence and forensic science, particularly DNA. Having been involved in murder cases for 15 years, her experience in this area includes baby-shaking cases, contract killings, gang-related killings, joint enterprise murders and ‘cut-throat’ defences.

Lisa also has a noted specialisation in complex fraud and financial crime. These cases cover a wide range of offences including offences under the Companies Act, fraud against the Revenue and Customs, diversion fraud, mortgage fraud, corruption, money laundering, and advance fee (or Ponzi ) frauds.  Her recent cases include the successful defence of a multi-million-pound allegation of fraudulent trading involving the running of a property company. Further recent instructions of note include Operation Inertia (largest MTIC ever prosecuted), Operation MFB (£25m MTIC fraud), Operation Savate (£5m Construction Industry  Scheme Fraud in the Midlands and North West). Lisa has successfully defended a solicitor facing allegations of commercial mortgage fraud, where she also represented the defendant in concurrent proceedings before the SRA.

Lisa has many years experience in intelligence-led cases involving the investigation of serious crime. In particular, she has successfully defended clients charged with serious drugs conspiracies involving covert police operations, ‘probe’ recordings and cell-site evidence.

Lisa is also regularly instructed in the most serious sexual cases and those involving young or vulnerable witnesses and defendants, or where capacity is an issue. She represents high profile clients including those from the medical and other professions charged with sexual offences when her calm manner, tactical decision making and thorough preparation distinguish her amongst her peers. As someone who prosecutes and defends, Lisa has an exceptional knowledge of the disclosure regime and robustly pursues all avenues on behalf of her clients.

Lisa’s prosecution work encompasses the most serious offences. She regularly advises on allegations of murder, manslaughter and serious sexual offences. She has a particular expertise in cases involving young or vulnerable witnesses (whether prosecution witnesses or defendants) and in cases where psychiatric issues arise. She also has experience of dealing with anonymous witnesses, SOCPA arrangements and covert investigations.

Recent Instructions include an Advice to the United Nations World Food Programme – investigated and advised upon allegation of historic rape by a WFP employee upon a refugee in camp.

In addition, she has considerable experience of appellate and advisory work. She deals with post-conviction appeals when not instructed at trial and provides realistic advice to those seeking to appeal a conviction or sentence. She also advises those charged with investigating serious offences, including organisations and charities who internally investigate alleged misconduct.


R v C – successful defence of father charged with causing GBH to young baby by shaking and beating.

R v A – successful defence of young man charged in joint-enterprise murder arising from a ‘Gumtree’ robbery

R v A – successful defence of pilot charged with importing 7kg of cocaine on his private light aircraft.

R v T – client  (young and professional) admitted single punch manslaughter arising from a prank. Successfully mitigated to achieve a below tariff sentence.

R v M – successful defence of mother on charges of child cruelty to her baby arising from factitious disorder by proxy (previously Münchausen by proxy).

R v I – successful defence of attempted murder charge involving alleged contract killing and ‘hit’. Successful submissions at the close of the prosecution case arising from flaws in police investigation.

R v E – successful defence of 17 year old female on allegation of manslaughter by starting a fire in a disused building.

R v A –  successful defence of attempted murder by deliberately running over (all seen on CCTV).

R v B – successful defence of allegation to import drugs with a street value of £26m. Case involved many defendants involved in European-wide movement of drugs, prosecution relied upon covert recordings and surveillance. Case went to retrial following hung jury and client was acquitted.

R v W – prosecution following stabbing of a housemate by an individual with paranoid schizophrenia. Complex issues relating to the inter-relation between self-defence and the partial defence of diminished responsibility arose.

R v S – murder prosecution arising from the death following a late night confrontation in a fast food shop. The deceased was struck, following an argument, with a bicycle lock causing a subdural haemorrhage and death.

R v C – murder prosecution of 15 year old for stabbing of a 16 year old at a party. All witnesses were young and many were anonymous.

R v L & Others  – murder prosecution of 15 year old defendant and 4 others arising from the death of a 16 year old in a gang related attack where both sides were armed with knives and machetes. All eye witnesses were young and alleged gang members.

R v R  – murder prosecution for death by stabbing of a 17 year old by a 16 year old. Case relied exclusively on CCTV.

R v K – murder prosecution of Pakistani national who stabbed his Bulgarian wife following an argument about her failure to help him get a visa to remain in the UK. Significant volumes of social media material evidenced an intention to find a replacement wife before the killing.

R v C & others – double murder prosecution of 7 defendants arising from an ambush attack arising from a drugs feud in East London. Very complex cell sit, CCTV and ANPR evidence demonstrated the planning and execution of this joint enterprise murder.

Serious Sexual Offences

R v A – appeared for young, deaf male with learning difficulties who was not fit to plead, on an allegation of rape of a vulnerable female also with learning difficulties who lacked capacity to consent to sexual acts. The case involved very complex issues arising under the Mental Capacity Act and competing psychological evidence. Conviction overturned following successful legal submissions in the Court of Appeal.

R v M – successful defence of father charged with historic serious sexual offences on his daughter. Case involved complex issues of false memory syndrome and expert psychological evidence.

R v S  – successful defence of young Asian male charged with multiple counts of conspiracy to rape as part of a grooming gang involved in child sexual exploitation.

R v C – successful defence of medical doctor charged with sexual assault arising from an examination of the complainant.

R v T – complex advice on charge (review of 10,000pp of investigative material spanning over a decade) and prosecution arising from historic sexual abuse by residential head of care at a school in Sussex for boys with special learning needs.

R v C – prosecution of cold-case rape involving disputed LCN DNA evidence involving extremely complex scientific evidence. Case is now a leading authority on the use and interpretation of LCN DNA and the application of Part 33 of the Criminal Procedure Rules. (R v C [2011] 3 All E.R 509)

Fraud & Financial Crime

R v G – successful defence of allegation of participating in a fraudulent business under s.9 Fraud Act 2006, arising from the collapse of a property investment business involving several million pounds. Successfully raised and argued legal submissions at close of prosecution case that led to acquittal on all charges.

R v R – successful defence of solicitor facing allegations of commercial mortgage fraud. Also represented the defendant in concurrent proceedings before the SRA.

R v P – Instructed as leading counsel in a substantial MTIC fraud involving international trading chains. (Operation Forbear). Negotiated limited pleas and advanced detailed mitigation that resulted in lesser sentence being passed than those imposed on comparable co-defendants.

R v D – Instructed (as leading counsel) in a multi-handed Construction Fraud across the Midlands and North-West of England.